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March 2016

FT Group supports your manufacturing Supply Chain. One of our key clients is featured in an exclusive magazine editorial – highlighting their industry leading innovation.

In support of our client’s manufacturing achievements to date, we graciously accepted their invitation to be involved. We’re going large … full-page large to be precise. Since this is a first for us, we’ve had a bit of a rebrand and look forward to proudly supporting our customer and debuting our awesome ad.



F.T. Industrial Supplies Ltd - Thailand Branch Extension

We are underway with our expansion programme in FT's Rayong, Thailand branch:

The project began by replacing our traditional pallet-racking setup with a VNA-compatible configuration. VNA is an acronym for Very-Narrow-Aisle, and  refers to rack placement & the specialty VNA Truck to access it.

Customer requirements led to the second stage; expansion. More space was needed, so we knocked out a wall to increase storage capacity.

Fast facts about the project:

  • Completion is due 10 June 2014
  • 880 sqm extension brings the building total area to 2560 sqm 
  • 1800 new pallet locations brings total capacity to 4660 pallets
  • 3 Loading docks
  • External facilities for site security

Our passion and expertise within the Industrial Supplies and Supply Chain  business is in fine form and going strong.   

We wish you the best and look forward to doing business with you.


Kind regards from F.T. Industrial Supplies!


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