Market Segments

F.T. Industrial Supplies operates in the following industries. We provide you a wide range of services: from product sourcing through to an effective supply chain moving your product to its destination. Along the way our quality teams can carry out supplier audits to ensure your standards are met every inch of the way.

We facilitate operations through utilizing top-tier ERP software. It automates and integrates core business practices such as processing orders & analyzing production forecasts. This translates into a top level service for you and your clients.

White Goods

We source and supply components and raw materials for the production of consumer appliances such as fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

Examples of materials we manage in this industry:

  • Fans
  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Glass shelving
  • Injection moulded parts
  • Fabrication of insulation material
  • Resin
  • Metal casting / extrusion parts
  • Display (TFT, LCD).


Healthcare & Medical

We source and supply components and raw materials for the production of healthcare devices including humidifiers.

Examples of products we specialise in are: 

  • PVC feed & oxygen tubing
  • Display (TFT, LCD)
  • Customised inter-connect solutions
  • Power supply & cables
  • Looms & wire harnessing
  • Metal-stamped parts
  • Injection moulded parts.



We take the hassle out of sub-assembly and storage. We can sub-assemble components in our factory and sell to you as needed.

Current clients, including a leading motorcycle brand, use this service. Assembled goods come with full quality assurance, both for supplier materials and our workmanship, complete with traceability of batches and lots.

We supply:

  • Parts used in motorcycles
  • Assembly of wheels (rims, tyres and brakes etc).                                     


We service the heating, ventilation, air conditioning industry through sourcing and supplying HVAC components. 

Examples of products include components & finished products.



We service the lighting industry by sourcing and supplying a variety of components. Raw materials are sourced from suppliers' factories and stored until ready for use.

Product examples include OEM & ODM LED lighting solutions and applications for new commercial construction. 



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