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Mission and Vision

F.T. Industrial Supplies Global Offices

F.T. Industrial Supplies was born in Singapore in 1989, tailoring service and product requirements for a small customer base.

Flash forward to today –

  • Integrated supply chain warehouses in five countries:
    Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, China
  • Annual revenue of $90 million
  • Worldwide staff of 60 people including:
    product specialists, forecast analysts, account managers, inventory analysts, supply chain specialists, project managers and Logistics Officers

Since 1989, strategic capabilities have been developed in synergy to provide a distinct competitive advantage to our clients through product sourcing and customization, integrated supply chain functions and solutions.

  • Product sourcing.
  • Product customisation and development.
  • Supply chain management including
    • full ownership
    • vendor managed inventory
    • direct-to-user supply chains
    • localised distribution centres
  • ISO 9001.2015 quality management systems with adherence to TS 16949s controls around supplier selection and part qualification.
  • Complete customer service.

Our people make FTIS what it is; they come from diverse origins and backgrounds and bring to our business extensive experience & perspective. We retain many of our founding staff members still to this day.

FTIS is committed to quality and has invested substantially in cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our supply chain and design solutions are individually developed with the purpose of servicing our customer requirements.

Our Philosophy

To constantly provide you with a solution every step of the way, achieving higher efficiency and profitability. 

Our Mission

By partnership, provide a distinct competitive advantage to our clients through product sourcing and cutomisation, integrated supply chain functions and solutions.

Our Vision


We are not here to be like anyone else. We are here to lead, to be the best, nothing less.


We are headquartered in Singapore with offices in 5 countries, with a growing supply chain network that extends to 15 countries. Our growth is based on being continuously innovative and then applying sustainable strategies.


We will continuously improve the partnership between our clients, ourselves, and our suppliers to create transparent and mutual value by eliminating obstacles and reducing the total cost of ownership to our clients.


We will meet or exceed client expectations through our ability to customise solutions, products, and the absolute best possible customer service.


We will not stand still, we will adapt, change to respond to the dynamic environment, challenge with respect, act with sincerity, protect ourselves, others, and our environment.


If you are part of our vision, wonderful! We wouldn’t want to be without you.

 FT Triangle Mari

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