Supply Chain Services

FTIS is a specialist provider of design-in solutions, sourcing and integrated supply chain functions and solutions. Collaboration with our clients adds value now and will continue to add value into the future with the changing face of the global market.

We eliminate points of friction and add value

FTIS works on the premise that effective supply chains are achieved by eliminating points of friction, internal or external, at the borders. This is why we deliberately located our facilities in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, achieving geographical closeness to our clients which improved collaboration of all inter-organisational workings to create value. The outcomes are faster communication, reduced inventory and a service focus that meets and exceeds expectations.

We reduce total cost of ownership

These advances bring rapid growth in organic business, providing a seamless supply chain, and a reduction in total cost of ownership to our clients.

Pre 2000 saw a very low degree of integration within the supply chain; internal measures were satisfied only departmentally based on product buying power and/or because of the availability of newer low-cost off-shore manufacturers. The lowest product price was the primary measure rather than the lowest total cost to the organisation.

What has since developed are low prices, derived from efficiencies in the total supply chain addressing ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ - a lean supply chain with a new form of collaboration and creating value horizontally.

We develop a strategic relationship with you

Consequently, there is now a strategic relationship between us and our clients, with:

  1. An emphasis on supplier performance.
  2. Evidence of continuous improvement or otherwise.
  3. Visiting suppliers having the ability to see how the relationship works with others and the ethical framework.
  4. Collaborative processes to assure quality and manufacturability.

We make outsourcing a partnership to retain your capability

When outsourcing is a partnership internal capability will not be lost. This is perhaps the most significant difference between using a third party logistics provider (3pl) and a fourth party logistics provider (4pl) such as FTIS. The former is self-serving, the latter is similar to a strategic alliance.

The very nature of sharing risks and rewards means the option to outsource does not mean a loss of capability.

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